Hi , I am Bhalchaandra K Waagh , Professional Numerologist, Business Owner & Start up Entrepreneur. Iam an qualified Engineer & MBA from Mumbai University. Iam an Certified Numerologist have learnt it from My Guru Late Dr. M Katakkar Over this years i have served more than 1000+ clients acrossall sectors & with this beautiful science of Numerology have helped them to achieve Overall success, Name ,Fame & Prosperity. Trust me this science works wonders . Come & experience the life changing experience of this divine science.

Why Name Correction?

If you feel you are stuck up in your current job or finding difficulty to get good Job or you have finance issues,unstable financial position,business losses & relationship issues. Yes numerology can help you to overcome all this & help you become successful,rich & famous.It is Science of Numbers which matches your Name Number with your Fortune Number to give you Success in Life


“To a person who seeks success, my system will bring success, happiness and prosperity. And to those who are already successful it will bring sustainability, positive reinforcements, further success and introduce to a new and higher perspective and lifestyle.”

Our Client Testimonials

It’s magic. You will feel changes within 1 month. I recommend everyone to go and consult. Some people are posting negatively about him. Actually they are already going through negativity in their life.
Bhavesh Patel
Dear Bhalchandraa, Thanks so much for the wonderful numerology reading and for helping me to see the way ahead a bit more clearly. I really value your amazing insights!
Rajesh Sethia
Extraordinary Knowledge of Numerology helping other people improve their life. Calm n exceptionally inviting. Thank you a great deal
Shreya Bhosle

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