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    Numerology is tested science of Numbers. Name Correction in Numerology is a powerful numerology technique that gives instant results. By aligning your Name to your Date of Birth , it creates a positive aura and creates a strong positive energy which when gets synced with your lucky numbers starts improving your Life. 

    When this positive number energy is activated the results are very amazing, life turns 360 degree in your favor. Numerology helps in all areas of life, be it finances, name, fame ,health, relationship, career. You start noticing changes in min 21 days if implemented correctly and if you trust this beautiful science.


    How Name Correction will Help?

    In Numerology, each alphabet is assigned a particular number based on its unique phonetic vibrations. Name correction involves altering the spelling of a name suitably to bring it to a favorable name number. By correcting a name, the objective is to reduce or eliminate the negative vibrations and increase the positive vibrations.
    The Birth Number & Destiny Number is synced with your New Name number to give you success & improvement in Life.


    What Will Be In The Report?

    Name Correction based on Numerology to an fortunate number which will give you success
    Your Lucky Dates/Days
    Your Lucky Colors.
    Signature Recommendation.
    Gemstone Recommendation( Very Effective along with Name Correction)
    Master Remedy for Quick Results(Very Effective along with Name Correction)

    By Using your Corrected Name as per the recommendation, You will able to see or change your fortune in 21 to 43 Days

    Pls mention your Real Birth Date
    Your Full Name on Aadhar Card or Passport.
    The Readings will be given in 48 working hrs due to high volume on Whats App only. The readings may likely to get delayed sometimes for a week when the volume is high
    Whatsapp Number – +91 7304261365

    Come Experience the Power of Numbers in your life & see the Miracle happening in just

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    Rs. 599/- Only

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q- How Numerology can help me?

      A- Numerology & Vastu is purely & surely a science which can help you in every sphere of life particularly in Career, Health & Relationships.

      Q- Will you solve all my problems?

      A- This is a strong myth that an Astrologer/Numerologist/ Vastu Expert or any occult can solve your problems. I can give you awakening and help you to transform your life by scientific logics of numerology and vastu and ultimatly it helps you to navigate your life in most proficient manner.

      Q- How much should i spend on Remedies?

      A- I suggest non expensive or very less expensive remedies which are equally or more effective and fast than the expensive remedies suggested by most occults.

      Q- Do you accept all Payment types?

      A- Yes we have tied up with Payumoney plus you can google pay onĀ 73042 61365

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