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“To a person who seeks success, my system will bring success, happiness and prosperity. And to those who are already successful it will bring sustainability, positive reinforcements, further success and introduce to a new and higher perspective and lifestyle.”

Have you ever felt Suffocated in the Life you live?

Or just can’t Seem to grow at your expected pace in life?
This Is The Problem Right?

Hi , I am Ajay Wagh , Professional Numerologist, Business Owner & Start up Entrepreneur. I’m an qualified Engineer & MBA from Mumbai University. I’m an Certified Numerologist have learnt it from My Guru Late Dr. M Katakkar Over this years i have served more than 10000+ clients across all sectors & with this beautiful science of Numerology have helped them to achieve Overall success, Name ,Fame & Prosperity. Trust me this science works wonders . Come & experience the life changing experience of this divine science.

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Extraordinary Knowledge of Numerology helping other people improve their life. Calm n exceptionally inviting. Thank you a great deal
Shreya Bhosle
Mr. Waagh is a very knowledgeable and experienced numerologist. He is quite kind and humble. He makes things happen.
Ravi Sharma
Dear Mr. Wagh, Thanks so much for the wonderful numerology reading and for helping me to see the way ahead a bit more clearly. I really value your amazing insights!
Rajesh Sethia

Sounds enticing? But before we begin…



Numerology, like Astrology, Palmistry etc. is an esoteric science that has been practised for centuries around the world.  Numerology believes that events in our life are influenced by our birth number, destiny number and name number. We cannot change our birth number and destiny number since they are based on our birth date. However, by altering the spelling of our name suitably, Numerology believes that we can reduce or eliminate the negative effects if any, of an unfavourable birth number, destiny number or name number.


How Name Correction will Help?

In Numerology, each alphabet is assigned a particular number based on its unique phonetic vibrations. Name correction involves altering the spelling of a name suitably to bring it to a favourable name number. By correcting a name, the objective is to reduce or eliminate the negative vibrations and increase the positive vibrations.

The Birth Number & Destiny Number is synced with your New Name number to give you success & improvement in Life.


What Will Be In The Report?

Name Correction based on Numerology to an fortunate number which will give you success

Your Lucky Dates/Days

Your Lucky Colors.

Signature Recommendation.

Gemstone Recommendation( Very Effective along with Name Correction)

Master Remedy for Quick Results(Very Effective along with Name Correction)

By Using your Corrected Name as per the recommendation, You will able to see or change your fortune in 21 to 43 Days

Pls mention your Real Birth Date

Your Full Name on Aadhar Card or Passport.

The Readings will be given in 48 working hrs due to high volume on Whats App only. The readings may likely to get delayed sometimes for a Week when the volume is high .

Come Experience the Power of Numbers in your life & see the Miracle happening in just

Rs. 5999/-

Rs. 599/- Only

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q- How Numerology can help me?

    A- Numerology & Vastu is purely & surely a science which can help you in every sphere of life particularly in Career, Health & Relationships.

    Q- Will you solve all my problems?

    A- This is a strong myth that an Astrologer/Numerologist/ Vastu Expert or any occult can solve your problems. I can give you awakening and help you to transform your life by scientific logics of numerology and vastu and ultimatly it helps you to navigate your life in most proficient manner.

    Q- How much should i spend on Remedies?

    A- I suggest non expensive or very less expensive remedies which are equally or more effective and fast than the expensive remedies suggested by most occults.

    Q- Do you accept all Payment types?

    A- Yes we have tied up with Payumoney plus you can google pay on 9920342538 or paytm on 9920342538.

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