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Why Name Correction?

If you feel you are stuck up in your current job or finding difficulty to get good Job or you have finance issues,unstable financial position,business losses & relationship issues. Yes numerology can help you to overcome all this & help you become successful,rich & famous.It is Science of Numbers which matches your Name Number with your Fortune Number to give you Success in Life.

Mr. Bhalchaandra K Waagh

Hi , I am Bhalchaandra K Waagh , Professional Numerologist, Business Owner & Start up Entrepreneur. Iam an qualified Engineer & MBA from Mumbai University. Iam an Certified Numerologist have learnt it from My Guru Late Dr. M Katakkar Over this years i have served more than 1000+ clients acrossall sectors & with this beautiful science of Numerology have helped them to achieve Overall success, Name ,Fame & Prosperity. Trust me this science works wonders . Come & experience the life changing experience of this divine science.

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By Using your Corrected Name as per the recommendation,you will able to see or
change your fortune in 21 to 43 Days.


Come Experience the Power of Numbers in your life & see the Miracle happening .

  • All communication will be done on Whats App only (+91 9920342538)
  • Pls mention your Real Birth Date
  • Your Full Name on Aadhar Card or Passport.
  • The Readings will be given in 24 hrs due to high volume on Whats App only

What will be provided in the Report:-

    • Name Correction based on Numerology to an fortunate number which will give you success
    • Your Lucky Dates/Days
    • Your Lucky Colours.
    • Signature Recommendation.